At Lasaii Benefits, We Disprove the Belief that Low Risk=Low Return with IRA Real Estate To Occupy

What if you could have your assets protected while at the same time have potential interest earnings and an investment in something that could give you enjoyment, income, tax advantage, and estate planning for your heirs?

You can with IRA Real Estate to Occupy!

A True Story: Why Our Clients Didn’t Lose a Dime of Their IRA Funds in 2008

With the securities market crash of 2008, Alberto was beyond relieved and ecstatic because he knew that not a single one of his client’s would lose a dime of their IRA. Why? Because with the SHIRA™-the principal of his client’s IRA accounts were completely protected from any downturn in the securities market.

Your Ship is Safe in Our Harbor from the Volatility of the Stock Market!

In times like these, where the only thing that’s certain is the uncertain, it is important to have a diversified portfolio.  At Lasaii Benefits, we offer just that, another way to diversify your portfolio by taking a portion or all of your retirement monies and investing them in a SAFE HARBOR®-Directed IRA™ (SHIRA™). The SHIRA™ account is safe from any downturn of the market, has upside potential when the market does well, and an option to invest in Real Estate that you and your family can occupy and/or use to create income.