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Use your 401K Rollover/IRA Funds to help with the process of buying, building, qualifying for the loan, and supporting real estate that you and your family can immediately occupy!

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This home was built with the help of Lasaii's Safe Harbor® – Directed IRA™ program

" I have successfully enrolled in and utilized Lasaii's Safe Harbor IRA to purchase two pieces of real estate (one business condominium, the other construction of a single family residence in Sun Valley, ID) over the past several years. Lasaii, with Mr. Uranga directing all the financial aspects of the transactions, has been seamless and extremely dependable in all regards. They have coordinated all of the investment paperwork and worked with all "third parties" without fail. When questions arose including those related to taxation, payments and distribution, they took care of matters promptly and successfully. I would recommend Lasaii for anyone that is interested in benefiting from this type of IRA investment. "

– Elliot M. – Sun Valley, ID & Newport Beach, CA
Our clients enjoy results like:
  • A house to fit their growing family
  • A family home saved from foreclosure
  • A ranch
  • A retirement condominium
  • A beach house
  • A mountain hideaway
  • An investment property
  • A home in a new town, city, or state due to job relocation
Relocating for a new job?
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