All Small Business Owners Want for Christmas is the SECURE Act

Despite major bipartisan and public support, the SECURE Act is not on Santa’s Christmas list this year and will most likely not be passed in 2019. With that being said, those that are planning on leaving a large IRA to their heirs should anticipate the death of the Stretch IRA. Learn more about Lasaii Benefits: IRA Real Estate to Occupy’s creative solution to the death of the Stretch IRA and with no lost opportunity cost, unlike the other strategies financial advisors are offering.

How to Create A Legacy you Want? Gift Your IRA to Charity

At Lasaii Benefits, during the holiday season, our hearts swell with goodwill towards men (and women). It’s a time to reflect about the type of people we are and the type of people we aspire to be. Do those two people align? What lasting impact will we leave when we’re gone and what can we do to ensure our legacy now? So we ask you, if you could have any legacy, what would it be and how would you ensure it?