Have you been wanting to invest in real estate? The SHIRA™ can help with the purchase of a primary home, a vacation home, land to build, commercial real estate or another income-producing investment property with the benefit of immediate occupancy and all real estate tax benefits for you and your family.

DTI-Debt to income ratio

Debt to Income Ratio has you stalled? We can help by structuring your SHIRA™ to show additional income to qualify for the loan in order to purchase the real estate. *Must have a good to excellent credit score.

Accelerated Mortgage Payments

Do you want to pay off your mortgage? We can structure your SHIRA™ to accelerate your mortgage payments so that you have the peace of mind of owning your home outright.

help with an existing mortgage

Sometimes life throws us unexpected curveballs. We can help get you through the tough times by temporarily using your IRA/401k rollover to help make existing mortgage payments, while still giving you the security of your IRA for tomorrow.

SAFE HARBOR®-Directed IRA™ (non-real estate)

Do you want safety, control and confidence in your IRA funds? The SAFE HARBOR®-Directed IRA (Non-Real Estate) can be used to grow your account for future income. With it’s downside protection and upside potential, you can be confident that your funds are safe and that the account is accumulating income for your retirement. (With the option to invest in real estate at any time, if you wish).


Relocating for a new job? Use your IRA/401k rollover to help purchase your real estate in a new town, city or state.

structure your ira to benefit estate planning

Most Estate Planning attorneys and advisors recommend placing your IRA monies in an Irrevocable Trust, Conventional Wealth Transfer Plan, or an Irrevocable Trust and Stretch IRA Distributions, to name a few.

None of the above strategies have the Step Up in Basis tax benefit that our SAFE HARBOR®-Directed IRA™ offers. Together with real estate ownership, the SAFE HARBOR®-Directed IRA™ could achieve a better tax situation for your heirs, while you are alive, and long after for your heirs to enjoy.

structure your ira for philanthropic purposes

If your estate is of a size where charitable gifting has been suggested by your advisors, you may wish to consider the IRA/Real Estate Charitable Legacy Plan™. This structure is designed for a win/win/win outcome. You win, your heirs win and the beneficiary of your legacy plan wins.

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Our clients enjoy results like these…

  • A house to fit a growing family

  • A commercial building

  • A ranch

  • A retirement condominium

  • A beach house

  • A mountain hideaway

  • An investment property

  • Accelerated mortgage payments to get a house paid off in significantly less time

  • A new home because of job relocation

  • An investment property that was home to a daughter during college and now serves as a rental property to earn extra income

  • A home saved from foreclosure

  • A remodel

  • Qualifying for a loan to purchase the real estate that they were first denied due to DTI