How to Use Your IRA to Invest in Resilient Asset Classes

Considering we may be in or heading towards the next recession, which on average and to many peoples surprise happens about once every five years, we started thinking about which real estate asset classes are the most resilient.  We’ve also spoken to a lot of people recently that are sick and tired of the volatility of the stock market and are looking for different ways to invest their IRA monies.  Because in all periods of uncertainty, there is also opportunity, we made a short list of some resilient income producing asset classes that could be a smart option from that of the stock market:
The Boss (no, not Bruce Springsteen) of Resilient Assets: Multifamily Rentals
History has shown us that the performance of multifamily assets in a recession tends to be more stable and resilient than other investments. People will always need a place to live and the demand for quality, workforce housing is and will most likely continue to remain strong.  We may see a drop in prices in the third quarter because of downward pressure, but the dip will be shallow and experts predict will have a quick recovery.
Multifamily’s Successful, but Weird Aunt: mobile home parks:
An interesting investment idea in relation to multifamily properties are mobile home parks or as some say, “…best kept secret in the real estate investment industry.”  The reason for this investing approach being the best keep secret is it has far less competition to that of multifamily investing or other types of traditional real estate investing.  All over the country, the need for affordable housing is only getting stronger, you add the fact that baby boomers living on a fixed income are retiring and you get a recipe for success.

The Great Adapter of Resilient Asset Classes: commercial buildings

Although some are predicting that brick and mortar retail stores will take a huge hit because of the COVID 19 crisis and consumers shifting to eCommerce, commercial real estate still holds a strong position, especially if the building has a medical office or grocery store, both essential services no matter what is going on in the world.  Here in Ketchum, ID we’re seeing serious opportunity with new commercial buildings popping up that include a mix of offices, retail space and apartments.  One example is a dentist that is building the property and is going to use the first floor for his dentist office, with the second and third floor hosting office and apartment units.  In other words: gold mine.

We’re also enjoying watching the innovation and creativity that investors are using by turning malls into apartment/microloft units like the Arcade Providence, greenhouses like Galleria at Erieview, schools, and medical centers.

Commercial Real Estate’s Reliable Neighbor, Helping You Get Through Life’s Changes: storage units

This commercial sector has been recession resistant because the demand for self storage space is based on life events, such as marriage and divorce, renovating and relocating. During the Great Recession, self storage was one of the least foreclosed real estate sectors.

Use Your IRA to Invest in These Resilient Asset Classes

Like the example of the dentist in Lasaii’s hometown of Ketchum, ID, we see opportunity for innovative real estate investments everywhere (including housing being built with shipping containers, but that’s for another week) and couldn’t be more inspired and excited by the value that  our proprietary IRA Real Estate to Occupy investment strategy offers.

If you are over the stock market or are simply looking for new opportunities to invest in and diversify your retirement funds and like the idea of the dentist: buying or building an office building and using one of the offices yourself, while producing income from the other office or apartment spaces, our SAFE HARBOR®-Directed IRA™ (SHIRA™) is the perfect solution for you, because with our program the title of the real estate is in your name, not in the name of the IRA, therefore you can:

  • Personally use and enjoy the real estate with total control of the property

  • Collect income from the real estate directly to your pocket and

  • Take tax advantages of the tax write offs associated with real estate ownership and systematically diffuse the tax time bomb character of a large IRA for your heirs

Not to mention, you can have confidence in the growth of your wealth with the appreciation of the real estate investment over time, have peace of mind with the downside protection and upside potential of your IRA funds, and create a legacy that keeps on building with the Step up in Basis/1031 Exchange tax benefits that our program offers.

Important: Self Directed IRA 

With the better known Self Directed IRA (SDIRA), you can’t take advantage of the tax write offs for primary or rental real estate.  You also cannot use, manage or collect income directly from the real estate if you buy with a SDIRA.  Learn more about the 3 different IRA’s used to invest in real estate here.

Powerful Tax Benefits:

Speaking of tax advantages, take a look at the most recent tax changes for primary and rental properties:


If you, or someone you know, is suffering from a job loss or loss of income and are worried about losing your home as a result, we can help.  Retirement monies can be used to support an existing mortgage.


Tired of the hype of the stock market, only to get burned? Direct your IRA funds into real estate that you can buy or build.

With the extreme volatility the market has been experiencing the past couple of months, not a single client of ours has incurred a loss of value to their SHIRA™.

In fact, according to a report from Zillow, real estate increased in value an average 5.46% in 2019 nationwide, along with the asset protection of their SHIRA™, possible rental income, tax benefits, and the intrinsic value of occupancy of the property, our clients enjoy confidence, peace of mind and growth with their SAFE HARBOR®-Directed IRA™ (SHIRA™) real estate investment and its bottom line.

We help people multiply their IRA funds by directing them to purchase or build real estate that they can personally use or create an additional income from, so that they can have more flexibility and freedom in their retirement, as well as create certainty and security for their families and leave a larger and more impactful legacy. Get the free guide to understanding our unique IRA real estate investing strategy here.


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