5 Powerful Ways Our Clients Have Enhanced Their Wealth & Legacy

Lasaii Benefits prides ourselves on being visionaries in our industry by providing secure, yet innovative solutions that allow our clients to have more flexibility, control, and freedom with their IRA funds now and in retirement.

By investing in real estate using the SAFE HARBOR®-Directed IRA™ (SHIRA™), our clients are allowed to personally use the real estate with their families, have asset protection from any possible downturn in the stock market with upside earnings for when it performs well, and the tax liability of using the funds from their SHIRA™ are totally or partially eliminated because of the tax write offs associated with real estate ownership. (Not to mention the opportunity for rental income, appreciation of real estate and step up in basis for their heirs).

Check out five real life examples of how our IRA Real Estate to Occupy program has enhanced our clients wealth, lifestyle, and legacy:

1). SHIRA™ helps finance rental investment for daughter to use while attending college:

Our client was able to provide safe and comfortable housing for his daughter while she attended college. He received rental income from her roommates and knew that it would be a sound investment as it was in a popular college town and would provide him and his family with passive income now and in retirement.  Not to mention the appreciation on the real estate over the years and when he and his wife are ready to sell.  In our client’s situation, the tax advantages of claiming this property as a rental was a particularly powerful incentive.

2). SHIRA™ helps finance construction for single-family dream home: 

Our client used his SHIRA™ to build a single family residence from the ground up. This IRA real estate investment has given our client substantial short term rental income, appreciation of real estate, safety of IRA funds and the intrinsic value of occupancy & enjoyment of this beautiful home for him and his family, leaving a legacy that he and his wife can be proud of.

3). SHIRA™ helps invest in and protect multifamily real estate-with no prohibited transactions: 

Our client invested in a mutlifamily property at the base of a world famous ski hill.  Because housing is always in high demand in that area, he chose to wait to use funds from the SHIRA™ to direct towards the real estate, allowing instead for the funds to accumulate in his account, safe from any downturn in the stock market with upside earning potentialfor when it preforms well and ready for if and when our client needs help.

With COVID-19 and hundreds of thousands of landlords wondering how they are going to pay their mortgage if their tenants cannot afford rent, our client doesn’t have to worry. Because of the SHIRA™, he is able to protect his mortgage and real estate asset to one day leave his children.

4). SHIRA™ funds used early to help purchase dream home to occupy:

Our client and her husband were recently retired and knew that they wanted to live in a warmer climate where they could take advantage of their active lifestyle. Their hometown was in Nebraska and they definitely didn’t want to endure another Nebraskan winter.  But, they had children and grandchildren and therefore weren’t ready to leave all together. In an ideal situation, they would be able to purchase the home they wanted to retire in before selling their current home. When she found out about our program she was beyond ecstatic because she would be able to use the SHIRA™ to help purchase their dream home for retirement before selling their family home in Nebraska.

Because of our clients age, she knew that she would eventually have to start taking Required Minimum Distributions from her IRA that could effect her income taxes. But, by using the SHIRA™ distributions to help support the real estate on her dream home, she would instead receive all the tax write-offs associated with real estate ownership and still be credited with the RMD’s.

Because of the SHIRA™, her family and grandchildren are able to stay with them on their long visits and enjoy the desert, sun, and swimming pool.

5). Inherited IRA used to help purchase real estate for personal use and to create income:

With the passing of the SECURE Act, you (as a non-spousal beneficiary) are no longer allowed to “Stretch” out an inherited IRA over your lifetime. All non-spousal beneficiaries now have to withdrawal the entire amount of the IRA within ten years, which could amount to very large tax consequences.  Unless you are one of our clients because our program is the solution to the death of the “Stretch IRA”.

Our client used her SHIRA ™ to help purchase a vacation/investment property to create additional income.  Because the money is being directed towards real estate, the tax liability of those funds is totally or partially eliminated.  The asset protection of her SHIRA™ was also very intriguing as she was not a stock market oriented person, disliking the volatility and fear of losing value to her IRA.  She was able to direct her funds into real estate that would offer her an equal or competitive yearly return to that of the stock market, but with the added peace of mind that her SHIRA™ was protected.

COVID-19 Mortgage Relief:

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from a job loss or loss of income and are worried about losing your home as a result, we can help.  Retirement monies can be used to support an existing mortgage.


We help people multiply their IRA funds by directing them to purchase real estate that they can personally use or create an additional income from, so that they can have more flexibility in their retirement, as well as create certainty and security for their families and leave a larger and more impactful legacy.

One last thing.

With the extreme volatility the market has been experiencing the last few weeks, not a single client of ours has incurred a loss of value to their SHIRA™.

In fact, according to a report from Zillow, real estate increased in value an average 5.46% in 2019 nationwide, along with the asset protection of their SHIRA™, possible rental income, tax benefits, and the intrinsic value of occupancy of the property, our clients enjoy confidence, peace of mind and growth with their SAFE HARBOR®-Directed IRA™ (SHIRA™) real estate investment and its bottom line.