From Our Family to Yours: Encouragement in These Trying Times & Actions You Can Take Now for Your Financial Future

Alberto and daughter, Xole, in 1990. The team that makes up our family owned business.

Good Morning From Home:

These are unprecedented and uncertain times. We at Lasaii Benefits are doing our due diligence to flatten the curve by working from home and practicing our social distancing.

Although it may seem far away, we will get through this, AND we will come out on the other side better than before with so much love, gratitude, kindness, respect, courage, accountability and RESILIENCE. We are all in this together, separate for now, but nevertheless TOGETHER.

Since 2003, Lasaii Benefits: IRA Real Estate to Occupy has primarily operated as an online business, with 90% of our clients from thirty-six states and four countries. We conduct our consultations over the phone. There is no limit on the free consultations we offer with the same client/prospect to discuss the investment strategy and how it can work for them, answering any questions they may have, speaking with a spouse, and guiding them through our process.

Actions You Can Take Now (From Home) For Your Financial Future:

With over thirty years of experience in the financial services world (Life insurance Professional, Series 7 Advisor, taught classes on Investment Strategies at College of Southern Idaho for ten years), Lasaii Benefits can, at the very least, offer our thoughts, advice and some options on how to best maximize your investment dollars moving forward-with no strings or solicitation.

“I was introduced to Alberto in 2008. What followed was the beginning of a unique investment partnership that my family has benefited from ever since. Alberto’s team in Idaho are responsive and helpful with any request, and have been an excellent resource for investment research over the years. I highly recommend contacting Alberto for insights on different IRA investment methods.”

— Stan L., Client

Been Interested in Our Proprietary IRA Real Estate to Occupy Program for a While?

Take twenty minutes to learn more about our program and if it could be the right fit for you. certain Things are definitely going to change once this is all over, including the way you choose to diversify your portfolio, so, please research all your options so you can confidently make the right investment choices for you and your family’s future.

“One of the financial areas that scares me was deciding what to do with a 401k. Alberto Uranga worked with me, and provided no pressure (full information, no solicitation) solutions to shelter that hard-earned nest egg. Like most of you, I am not a gazillionaire, but my retirement assets are still important to me. Thank you, Alberto, for your counsel and assistance.”

— James, R. Client

Ways Lasaii Benefits Can Help You or Someone You Know:

  • How to invest to create wealth with less stress and risk because of our SAFE HARBOR-Directed IRA’s asset protection, so that you don’t have to worry about an economic downturn or panic in the market!

  • How to invest with confidence and stability of your IRA funds by purchasing real estate or land.

  • Learn how we can reposition your IRA/401K funds to invest in real estate that you and your family can personally use and/or use to create income and be ready to buy when the time comes! (Invest in a primary residence, second home, investment/commercial property, land…).

  • For those facing job loss because of the situation unfolding around us and are worried about losing your home, our SAFE HARBOR-Directed IRA can be structured to support existing mortgage payments!

Take Action Now!

You can take action from home now by scheduling a free consultation to receive some insight or advice about your retirement funds, learn more about our program, or just to make a new connection! (Alberto has some great stories from his days as a sheepherder and his encounters with a bear that are sure to entertain).

Alberto working as a sheepherder in the mountains of Idaho.

“I’ve been in the expert care of Alberto and Lasaii for many years. Excellent service and advice!”

— Reyn, B. Client

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Lasaii Benefits believes in sharing financial knowledge, working hard for their clients, and practicing ethics in life and in business.

We specialize in helping clients structure customized, tax effective IRA Real Estate to Occupy investments that enhance their portfolios, lifestyles, market positions, and legacies.

Since 1992, Lasaii Benefits have been the leading experts in the IRA Real Estate to Occupy Industry.

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