What your CPA doesn’t know…IRA Real Estate to Occupy!

If you have accrued a balance of $100,000 or more in an IRA account or in a 401k account that is eligible for rollover, the information in this Guide will open your eyes to an opportunity you probably had no idea was available to you. It is possible, like most Americans, your IRA or 401k account is invested in traded assets, such as stocks and bonds which historically have performed over time to a level that can provide some income to you when you retire. With the current volatile market conditions, many are now re-evaluating their IRA or 401k accounts and with a buyers market on the horizon, many are taking advantage of the depreciated values of Real Estate to equalize their market losses and balance their retirement portfolios.

Immediate Occupancy

What if you could start enjoying the benefits from your accumulated retirement savings NOW and still have IRA money for income when you retire?

You can apply your IRA to a non-traded asset, such as a primary residence, second home, vacation rental or an investment property, and realize a variety of personal use and/or financial investment benefits TODAY, while still providing the security and income for your retirement years.


This estate planning approach to IRA Real Estate holds your allocated retirement funds in an individual interest earning SAFE HARBOR®-Directed IRA™ (SHIRA™ ) account, safe from any down turn in the stock market. Over a pre-determined time period, scheduled transfers from your retirement monies occur, moving your retirement monies outside of your IRA and into your real estate. The components of the SHIRA™ structure are carefully assembled to balance personal and investment factors maximizing tax offsets & IRA earnings. Additionally, your plan will be structured with the flexibility to allow your to determine the duration of your plan and the percentage of retirement monies you wish to use for your real estate purchase.

Benefits of SHIRA™

The benefits of the SHIRA™ are many. We’ve highlighted a few below. To read more about the benefits our program has to offer, click the button entitled, “SHIRA™ Benefits.”

Cash Asset: Your IRA is a cash asset that within the SHIRA™ plan can qualify you for a real estate purchase you didn’t think you had the financial ability to buy.

Immediate Usage: There is a misconception that if you use your IRA account to purchase real estate, it can only be done as an investment and that you cannot use and personally benefit from the property you purchase. (Which is true with Self Directed and Checkbook Directed). The fact is, through the SHIRA™, you can purchase real estate for personal use as well as investment purposes. Just ask our hundreds of clients in thirty-six states and four countries that are occupying and/or creating income from their real estate purchased with the help of the SHIRA™.

Ease of Set-Up: Some believe that this must be a very complicated, lengthy and expensive process. Simply not true. Actually, the set up of your individual interest earning SHIRA™ account can be done in three easy steps:

  1. “10 Question Form”– the first step is to fill out the confidential, “10 Question Form.” Because this method is not for everyone, this qualifying process allows us to identify those individuals who are a good fit for our program. For instance, if you are a staunch stock market oriented investor, the SHIRA™ may not be right for you.

  2. Personal “One on One” Consultation-upon completion of the, “10 Question Form”, review and a mutual agreement by both parties to move to the next step, you will be invited for a personal “One on One” telephone meeting with a Lasaii Benefit’s consultant to examine the necessary elements in structuring a customized plan to satisfy your objectives.

  3. Open your SAFE HARBOR®-Directed IRA™ account-lastly, Lasaii Benefit’s staff will guide and assist your through each step of this process. Once the SHIRA™ account is established, you now have the foundation in place for your IRA Real Estate purchase. A Lasaii Benefit’s consultant will then structure and implement the SHIRA™ to coordinate with the purchase of your real estate. On average, this process from start to finish takes approximately 30-45 days.

Tax Savings: Although your IRA can grow tax deferred, it does carry a tax liability that becomes payable upon distribution. The SHIRA™ satisfies this tax liability at the time monies are transferred into the real estate while you qualify for tax offsets that result in a tax savings for you. (*If you qualify).

Step Up In Cost Basis: Tax laws allow for a step up in costs basis on real estate that is passed to a beneficiary or heir upon the death of the title holder. This means that your real estate is passed to your heir(s) at current market value, which, if above the price you originally paid for equates to a tax free gain to the heir(s). This can be an important part of your real estate planning that offers significant tax benefits to your beneficiaries, especially now for those with large IRA’s and the impending doom of the “Stretch IRA.” To learn more about our creative solution if the new law goes into effect concerning the “Stretch IRA,” click the button entitled, “Learn More.”

The Perfect Alternative Investment

With the potential interest earnings of the SHIRA™, possible appreciation of the real estate, rental income (if you wish), and the intrinsic value of occupancy, together with the tax write-offs, if you qualify, the total value and benefit of both the SHIRA™ and the real estate could be, and has been, in the double digits. In other words, the perfect alternative investment.

We specialize in helping clients structure customized, tax effective IRA real estate investments that enhance their portfolios, lifestyles, market positions, and legacies.

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