Lasaii Benefits: Gratitude List

We love this time of year because it is about gratitude, new beginnings, and new possibilities. At Lasaii Benefits, we wanted to make a list of some of the things we are thankful for, because after all, we really have so much to be grateful for.

Nina, Lasaii Benefits office dog.

1). Family: Family is everything. Even though distance may keep us apart and we may not be able to see our family everyday, we always remain close and connected. Both Alberto and his daughter (and business partner), Xole, were both fortunate enough to spend quality time in Alberto’s hometown in the Basque Country of Northern Spain with family and friends this past year. Alberto and Xole are also lucky to see each other every day at the office (although depending on the day, you’ll have to ask Xole just how lucky she is). Xebi, Alberto’s son and Xole’s brother sits on the Board of Directors and is a partner at Lasaii Benefits. He is an expert in all things real estate loans and lives in sunny California where the Uranga’s like to escape the snow from time to time to visit him there. Kim, mother to Xole and Xebi, also lives in the area and is a happy client of Lasaii Benefits having structured her IRA to accelerate her mortgage payments. Family matters. It’s what our company is built on and what inspires us to do what we do.

2). A Roof Over Our Heads: Something to always be thankful for and to never take for granted, especially in this day and age when so many are without shelter. A warm home that offers protection, hope, and the strong foundations for living a prosperous and well-lived life is invaluable. It brings us a little peace and comfort that our proprietary program has helped save a home from foreclosure or helped someone purchase a home in their hour of need when they didn’t think it was possible.

“We found ourselves homeless and with nowhere to go because the trailer park we were living in for over twenty years was closing down. We went to Alberto for advice on what to do. He was able to incorporate equity from our IRA combined with our modest assets to enable us to purchase a beautiful new home for us to occupy. We didn’t think we could ever qualify to own a home. Alberto made our dream come true”. J&P-, Clients, Idaho

3). Community: We are blessed to live in Ketchum (Sun Valley, ID). We literally have adventure out our front door. Whether it be hiking, boating, or mountain biking in the Summer, snowboarding or cross country skiing in the Winter, a Fall where you can literally feel the presence of Ernest Heminway who called Ketchum home as well, or the wildflowers that cover almost every inch of the mountains in the Spring. We are so fortunate to live in God’s country. You can’t walk down the street without knowing someone (or knowing their dog for that matter) and someone is always around to lend a helping hand if need be. Just yesterday after snowing for two days straight, a neighbor of Kim’s plowed her driveway out of the kindness of their hearts and without being asked to help!

4). Our office dog Nina: No matter the day, this little girl can put a smile on our faces. Whether she’s bugging Alberto for a treat, happily greeting visitors with her smile and weird little butt-wiggling dance, or peacefully sleeping on Alberto’s comfy chair, she brings so much personality and spunk to our lives that there is never a dull moment at the office!

5). YOU-our clients-We wouldn’t be here without you, and we cannot thank you enough. From the very beginning when you expressed your frustration of the rigidity of IRA investments options and put Alberto up to the challenge of creating IRA Real Estate to Occupy to your friendship and trust over the years, we are eternally grateful.


Gratitude works. Gratitude scales.

Gratitude creates a positive cycle of more gratitude.

When in doubt, default to gratitude.

-Seth Godin, Author

Stay tuned on another service Lasaii Benefits offers that allows you to give back, tax free, with Our Charitable Legacy Program. What’s your legacy?

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