What People Are Saying About Lasaii Benefits: IRA Real Estate to Occupy

Here are just a few of the things our clients and the press has said about us over the years…

“Sheer brilliance for the right investor!

— Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

This home was built from the ground up using a SAFE HARBOR®-Directed IRA™ (SHIRA™).

“I have successfully enrolled in and utilized Lasaii’s Safe Harbor IRA to purchase two pieces of real estate (one a business condominium, the other the construction of a single-family residence in Sun Valley, ID) over the past several years. Lasaii, with Mr. Uranga directing all the financial aspects of the transactions, has been seamless and extremely dependable in all regards. They have coordinated all of the investments paperwork and worked with all “third parties” without fail. When questions arose, including those related to taxation, payments and distribution, they took care of matters promptly and successfully. I would recommend Lasaii for anyone that is interested in benefiting from this type of IRA investment.” -Elliot M., Sun Valley, ID & Newport Beach, CA, Client

““Alberto Uranga and his team have been leaders in utilizing IRA Safe Harbor rules to help clients invest in Real Estate for years. They offer excellent start to finish service throughout the entire process. “

— J., Spackman, Gooding, ID

“ “Thank you all for your extreme support during the past sixty days in helping our family’s dreams come true. You didn’t finance a purchase or advise an investment strategy, you worked to help us become financially secure for the rest of our lives. God bless you and the teams that support your efforts.

— Frank S., Alabama, Client

“It has been my pleasure to have known Alberto for more than 10 years. Originally it was just a friendship, but later after mentioning a business challenge I faced, it became a valued business relationship as well. Alberto came up with an original concept which beautifully solved the business challenge I was facing. Since that time, I have regularly reached out to Alberto for new ideas and solutions and I have found him to always be well informed and eager to respond in a most prompt, meaningful way.

— Harold M. Jr., Sun Valley, Idaho, Client

“We utilized your services on a piece of property we own in Florida. From the moment we first talked to a consultant to fact find to our more detailed discussions with Alberto, we have been extremely pleased with the process and the final outcome. Lasaii has been very attentive to every detail and have gone above and beyond what our expectations were. I can comfortably recommend your services to those who are looking for this type of service.

— Suzanne & Pierre T., Indiana, Clients

“I have dealt with Alberto and his company Lasaii for more than 10 years. I was able to purchase a second home using Lasaii’s IRA/Real estate program without penalty or tax issues. Alberto and his staff have always been very helpful, professional and courteous. I would recommend Alberto and Lasaii to anyone looking for IRA / Real estate advice and planning.

— Bruce O., Mississippi, Client

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Since 1992, Lasaii Benefits have been the leading experts in the IRA Real Estate to Occupy Industry.

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