"We may well be at the most dangerous financial moment since the 2009 financial crisis"-Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers

We don't mean to sound redundant as last week's letter was regarding the importance of asset protection, but after this week's monumental stock market drop and with no end in sight for the US-China Trade War, we're finding it hard to focus on anything else.

In an article by Matt Eagan from CNN Business entitled, "Remember December? Market's Could Face Another ‘Bearish Black Hole,’" Eagan elaborates on the latest market turbulence that began again on August 1st after tensions escalated in the trade war with China, and thus warning us of a repeat last December which was, "...the index's worst December since the Great Depression."

Eagan goes on to say that because of the escalation with China, investors are fearful that the US's latest tariffs will worsen the ongoing slowdown in global growth. The new tariffs are set to go in effect on September 1st.

Along with Larry Summers, Former US Treasury, the article also quotes Nomura strategist Masanari Takada, who warns, "that the next spike in volatility could be 'Lehman-Like."

Alternatively, an article by Fox News Business titled, "Protecting Yourself From Volatility in the Stock Market," states, "“Investors also need to think about risk, given the volatility, to ensure that they’re positioned accordingly, whereas they’re not taking too much risk, that they can actually handle when there is volatility,” Matthew Miskin, the co-chief investment strategist at John Hancock Investment Management, told FOX Business. “Because volatility very well may persist in the near-term.”

Moral of the story: It's going to be a bumpy ride with no end in sight.

Volatility in the stock market will continue and no one is sure what the final outcome will be. In the meantime, we urge you to take precaution and protect your assets in a way that is right and makes sense for you.

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