Why Choose Us? IRA Real Estate to Occupy!

This home was purchased with the help of our program.

This home was purchased with the help of our program.

This is one of the better decisions we made with Alberto’s assistance and we’re glad we found you when we did. My wife and I comment on that decision often and believe our Guardian Angels sent Alberto to us. Our sincere gratitude to him and his logical thinking.
— Rachel and Steve, H., Colorado, Client

The Perfect Alternative Investment

What makes Lasaii Benefit's program so unique from other IRA investment programs is that you can actually occupy and enjoy your property. With the SAFE HARBOR®-Directed IRA™ (SHIRA™), there are no prohibited transactions because the title of the real estate is in your name, not in the name of the IRA.

You can apply your SHIRA™ to any real estate asset-a primary residence, a second home, a vacation rental, or an investment property. You can even use it to help build your dream home from the ground up! The SHIRA™ can also be used to support an existing mortgage for the home you occupy now as well as help provide additional income in order to qualify for a loan for a future real estate purchase.

Advantages of using the SAFE HARBOR®-Directed IRA™ (SHIRA™) to purchase real estate to occupy?

Asset Protection:

The SHIRA™ is invested in a principal protected vehicle, safe from any possible downturn in the stock market with upside interest earning potential when the stock market performs well.

The Power of Two:

The power of two is the combination of your SAFE HARBOR-Directed IRA™ and your Real Estate. One supports the other while the two exist legally as completely separate entities. The power of two investments working in tandem creating many benefits for you and your family. In other words, total synergy of two investments.


Purchasing real estate with an IRA lets you maximize the value of your money. Over the long term, land/real estate demonstrates more stable growth than the stocks and bonds usually held in the typical IRA, providing increased asset diversification of your portfolio.

Step Up In Basis:

The real estate you purchase through a SHIRA™ can be passed at death to your heirs with a “step up in basis.” This means there will be tax savings on any appreciation accumulated. At death, a 1031 Exchange can also be passed to your heirs as a “step up in basis.”

These are just a few advantages of using a SHIRA™ to invest in real estate. To learn more about the benefits of the SHIRA™, click “Learn More.”

This home was built with the help of our program.

This home was built with the help of our program.

Why Choose Us?

Setting up an IRA for the purchase of real estate is not something you should do on your own. While the IRS does allow you to purchase real estate with the help of an IRA, the regulations governing the process can be complex, and a mistake may trigger immediate tax consequences and penalties.

Because we act as consultants and stewards of your SHIRA™, it is our job to stay current on all regulations, tax codes, investment options, and house your profile in accordance and transparency for IRS tax shelter inspectors.

Our IRA Real Estate Investing Program was reviewed by the IRS in 2005. Lasaii Benefit's proprietary approach was found to be compliant relative to all twenty-nine IRS tax codes governing tax avoidance qualified plans, and/or real estate transactions.

We have been consulting individuals for twenty years on IRA Real Estate to Occupy and have hundreds of clients in thirty-six states and four countries.

We are the leading experts in the IRA Real Estate to Occupy Industry since 1992. (In other words, we know what were doing).

The Big Picture

Our clients look at the big picture and know that over time with the possible interest earnings of the SHIRA™, the potential appreciation of the real estate, rental income, if you wish, and the intrinsic value of occupancy, together with the tax write-offs (if you qualify); the total value and benefits of the SHIRA™ and the real estate could be, and has been, in the double digits. In other words, the perfect alternative investment.

We specialize in helping clients structure customized, tax effective IRA real estate investments that enhance their portfolios, lifestyles, market positions, and legacies.

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