The ira/real estate charitable legacy plan

The benefits of this philanthropic IRA/Real Estate Plan are as follows:

  • Upon death, give a significant donation to a charitable organization of your choice, thereby satisfying your philanthropic philosophy and greatly benefiting the recipient.

  • Eliminate or significantly reduce the income tax liability of your RMD mandatory IRA distributions.

  • Protect each end of the year account value of your IRA while at the same time supporting the purchase of IRA real estate.

  • Full right of occupancy of the IRA real estate for you and your extended family during your lifetime.

  • When the IRA Real Estate Charitable Legacy Plan is distributed to the charitable organization of your choice, your heirs could benefit from significant tax relief to your estate.

  • The IRA/Real Estate Charitable Legacy Plan™ offers choices to your heirs. They can keep the real estate with the Step Up In Basis tax benefit and donate the IRA to the charitable organization, or vice versa, whichever has the best benefit upon the death of the donor(s).