The 3 Pillars of Our IRA Real Estate to Occupy Program


“Everything is going like clockwork with our monthly deposits into our real estate account. We are using those funds as a payment on the mortgage to our brand new house. We could not be happier with the end result from Lasaii!”

— Client, R. Springfeld, OR

The perfect alternative investment: IRA Real Estate to Occupy:

With the potential interest earnings from the SAFE-HARBOR®-Directed IRA™(SHIRA™), possible appreciation of the real estate over time, rental income, if you wish, and the intrinsic value of occupancy, together with the tax write-offs (if you qualify), the actual total value and benefits of both the SHIRA™ and the real estate could be a double digit return for you! In other words, the perfect alternative investment.

With Lasaii Benefit’s creative, innovative and life-changing estate planning, don’t miss out on the opportunity of maximizing your IRA funds and investing in real estate that you and your family can occupy.

We are the leading experts in the IRA Real Estate to Occupy Industry.

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